Today was very exciting. Mammy was waiting for a parcel to come so she had to get out of bed and put clothes on when daddy went to work. Mammy doesn’t like to be out of bed when it’s early because she is tired and her face is grumpy. When the clock said 9:00, a man came to our door with a big box. I knew that it was for us, because everything that comes in a big box is for us and sometimes it is in a bag or an envelope. Me and Coco tried to open the box to save mammy from doing it – Amber just smelled it to see what it was and the went to lie down again. I was opening the corner with my teeth until mammy told me not to. She did it but she is very slow. When she opened it, guess what was in it! There was Llama biscuits! Lots of them. Mammy won a prize and that was them. I think she meant she won a ‘surprise’ but she says words wrong sometimes. We were looking hard at mammy to see if she would give us them. I did and Coco did. All mammy did was take our photo to show you and then she put the box in the kitchen. That was mean, I think.

Then, another person came! It was the Tesco man and he had brought lots of things that smelled like lovely. We were barking at the kitchen door, shouting, ‘ Tesco man! Hello!’ but mammy wouldn’t let us meet him. She said we were noisy or she might have said nosy because I couldn’t hear for all the barking. When daddy came home, we showed him the Llama biscuits and he was pleased, but he didn’t give us any. The Tesco man had brought some Actimels and we love them. Mammy and daddy say, “Ooh, da-none!” in a funny voice and we know that we can play with the bottles. Daddy took mine away because I was eating it. I found something else to eat instead. Mammy said, ‘Where’s Ivy? She’s a bit quiet,” and then she saw me, even though I did hiding. Mammy said, ‘What’s she got,’ and then, in a squeaky voice, she said, ‘She’s eating my lip pencil!’ Daddy took that off me as well. I don’t know what a lip pencil is, but it’s good to bite.