I think mammy might have got too excited when she was out yesterday – she was very sleepy today. When she is very sleepy, she loves it when we are sleeping as well and being good. Amber was happy doing that today, but me and Coco didn’t want to: we wanted to play. Mammy said I looked full of mischief and she took my photo. Then, she made a game for us. Coco brought the squeaky toy that mammy keeps calling Space Hopper (I don’t know what that means but it sounds like a silly name for a toy – I call it Squeaky) and mammy throwed it and tried to make it go in Amber’s food bowl. When it did (but just one time), mammy shouted, “Yay!” and me and Cokey fighted over who got it. If Coco go it, she took it straight to mammy and she tried to throw it again. If I got it, it was mine and nobody else could have it. I liked when mammy was saying, “Awwwwww!” when it didn’t go in the bowl. I think it is my new favouritest game of today.

I have a funny photo to show you of bedtime. It is of Amber when she isn’t allowed to take the treat ball to bed – she’s doing tongue sticking-out. She pulls that face and it makes mammy and daddy laugh, but she doesn’t like it if you laugh at her. It maked daddy feel bad so he had to get out of bed and give her a cuddle and say she could have the treat ball in the morning. I love funny Amber.