Today was a going-out day and I knew because daddy took Amber and Coco down to my grandparents’  house. I stayed in bed with mammy but I knew she was going to get up and put shoes on. Shoes mean out. Before mammy went out, she was looking on her computer and she was being hungry. I told her to go to the kitchen and she did. She got a thing that has some crippies and a place where cheese goes. I was excited to see it and I was doing spinning in lots of circles because I like the cheese bit very much. When mammy has done dipping with her crippies, I can lick the cheese out of the cheese bit. It is a secret, though, and you have to promise you won’t tell Amber and Coco.

Mammy and mammy Yvonne were at the shops so we stayed with daddy Chris. When they got back, daddy Chris told mammy that I’d been naughty and it was just because I went out for a diddle (that means wee-wee when daddy Chris says it) and I didn’t want to come in. He said, “Ivy was just staring at me when I told her to come in. I had to go out and get her in the end!” Mammy said I was a naughty monkey. Mammy waited for daddy to come so we could all walk home together. On the way, Candy shouted, “Hiya! I need some loves!” so mammy and daddy went to stroke her nose. Mammy calls her sweetheart, even though she is really called Candy, like I am called Ivy. I was very, very happy to see her and I gave her a big kiss on her nosey. Daddy took our photo and mammy said, “Aw, sweet!” Today has been fun.