Today is a time called October and it is when everybody has their birthday: daddy, daddy Chris, daddy’s daddy and mammy. I think that might mean that we get a treat of steak every time, but I’m not sure because I was only teeny when it was October the last time. I know that it’s when daddy dresses up like a scary monster and frightens Coco.

This morning, mammy had a sore back and she couldn’t sit properly beside us and we weren’t supposed to climb on her when she was lying on the sofa. She was still not comfy, so she was lying on the floor. I was copying her first and then me and Cokey went to lie with mammy on the rug. She said that we were very sweet but we got bored of that and decided playing with us would make mammy feel much happier. We played chasey around her and then we were getting our feets tangled in her hair. Then, we were taking turns to run up to mammy and lick her face. We must have made her feel very good because she stopped lying on the floor after that and said, “I REALLY need a good chair to sit in.”

After that, we all cuddled on the sofa and didn’t want to do playing any more. Mammy said, “Typical!” Today’s photo is of me copying mammy, doing lying down, and the toy was pretending to be me!