Today is greeding day in this house, but mammy and daddy call it Sunday. Sunday is the day when people make the house smell like meat and doggies want to eat it. I love Sundays!

Mammy was resting because she maked herself tired yesterday. Her, daddy and mammy Yvonne had gone to the shops when we were at the groomer’s shop. I didn’t know that they would have gone and done something else – I thought they had waited for us outside the door of the Paws ‘n’ Play.

Daddy went to get foods from our grandparents’ house for him and mammy to eat. We waited for him at the door but he trickstered us and came in the back door. We got a big surprise when the kitchen door opened and daddy was there! He said, “Are you ready for dinner now?” and we barked yes at the same time that mammy said yes. Silly mammy must have thought daddy was talking to her. When she got her food, we sat beside her and we were good. Then, our bums dragged us a little bit closer to mammy’s tray. My chin made me put it on her tray and I got told off. While mammy was telling me off, Cokey tried to get mammy’s food; she got told off as well. Amber was pretending to be good so she got a bit of meat but she was too slow and I got it instead. I got very wrong for that and I was sorry…until Coco got her bit of meat and I wanted that as well. Mammy said I am a greedy sausage.  I love sausages.

The baddest bit about Sundays are when daddy feeds us late. He doesn’t know time like mammy does and we have to keep telling him we want fed. That is today’s photo: mammy said I was doing hinting.