Everybody was getting out of bed early today – even mammy. We were a bit confused. Mammy was trying to get some tats out of Coco’s ears and it was making mammy and Coco grumpy. I was laughing until mammy came near me with the mean brush. My ears were grumpy as well. Daddy said that we were going to the groomers to get pampered. I thought that mammy told the Mel lady we couldn’t come because of mammy Yvonne’s broken car, but the car got mended and Mel said we could still come and see her. We love Mel and the people in her groomers.

We all had to get in the car before it was dinnertime and I was worried that nobody had our dinner with them. We cried all the way to the Paws ‘n’ Play in the car. Mammy said, “For goodness’ sake, shush!” but we didn’t shush. I like the car but I felt left out because Amber and Coco were doing crying so I had to join in. Daddy and mammy took us in to see Mel and we were doing a bit of crying, but then we stopped straight away when they had gone. When you get groomered, you get washed (I was glad mammy washed the poopy off my head yesterday or I would have felt like a silly) and you get brushed (but it isn’t a mean brush) and you get dried.

There was some doggies that that were called puddles and they had big curly hair (like mammy’s but tidy) and they loved my Amber. I like seeing other doggy friends at the groomer but the bestest bit is when mammy and daddy come for us. I was so excited I nearly forgot I was hungry for my dinner. I even got something called perfume on me and mammy said I smelled like auntie Lyndsey! It is very tiring being pampered so, after our dinner and showing everyone how pretty we were, we did lots of sleeping. Today’s photo is of me and Cokey, cuddling up.