Mammy still didn’t feel so good so we had to promise daddy that we would behave. I didn’t want to be-have so I said I would be Ivy instead, because I’m clever at doing that.

Mammy’s friend, Chris, was supposed to be coming for tea but mammy said she couldn’t face cooking so daddy had to cancel him. Why would mammy cook faces anyway? Grown-ups are silly sometimes, I think. A nice man from the Asda must have knowed that mammy was poorly because he brought us some Hovis crackers. They are good medicine and, if we don’t finish them all, we will let mammy have some to make her feel better. I was just thinking, I don’t understand why mammy’s friend calls himself Chris when that is my daddy Chris’s name. It is confusing for doggies.

Daddy went in the bath when he came home and Amber stayed downstairs with me, to look after mammy. We all we lying on the sofa and we had our photos taken. Mammy said, “You look funny, Ivy,” when I was smiling at her and she said Amber had bed-face. Amber doesn’t like it when you tell her that.