Mammy says I have to tell you that the Ivy stories are short because her computer is at the menders and she is using daddy’s broken one. I haven’t maked any mistakes and mammy hasn’t done bad typing, but the computer is very naughty and won’t let mammy press some letters.

Today, mammy had poorly shynesses and she was wanting to stay in bed for a lie-in. We didn’t mind doing that for a little while but then it was boring. It stopped being boring when mammy had some of her not-well-crisps. They are called Chipsticks and are medicine for when you don’t feel good. You have to share them with doggies, if they greed nicely. That is today’s photo: us all greeding mammy’s crisps. You can only have one and if you snatch Amber’s crisp from mammy’s hand, she gets grumpy. It wasn’t my fault that happened: my mouth made me do it!

We were good girls for the rest of the day, until daddy came home. We jumped on him as soon as he came in the door and Coco was telling him about her day: this is what she sounds like: