Mammy says that it is nearly the end of my Ivy stories every day. She says she will still take my photos and write a story every week so my new friends that live in her computer can know what I do. There are only 32 days. I think that is not as many as twelve-ty but more than some.

Mammy and daddy were saying that they should put me on clothes. I am always on mammy and daddy’s clothes (even when they tell me not to be). Sometimes, if mammy and daddy are going somewhere that mammy has to wear people clothes (not pyjamas) for, she makes screamy noises if I run and jump up at her. She says, “Me tights! Me tights!” That is funny and I like it when she does that.

They don’t mean that I will be on clothes – I was trickstering you – they mean my photos. I was doing posering today to see if I can get a good photo for to go on clothes. I think I should be on a sock. I like socks and they are best when people have their feet in them. You have to bite the toesie bit and pull very hard. Either the sock comes off and you can shake it, or someone shouts at you to “Stop clicking the sock, Ivy!” I could make an Ivy sock game for doggies – that would be a brilliant game. You could get carrot if you won. Here are two photos of me, posering. In the bottom photo, I was smelling a pump that Coco did. She is a stinky.