Mammy says I have a game for you today. It’s called “Where’s Amber?” She said it’s like something called “Where’s Wally?” but with an Amber instead of a wally. You have to look at the photo of Amber in one of her favouritest places and see if you can find her. Mammy didn’t find her and she nearly made mammy fall down the stairs. It is better if you walk down the stairs.

Today was a very rainy day and it was so very rainy that none of us wanted to go outside to do our businesses. Mammy said that, when I went out, I would have won a prize for weeing as close to the house as possible without being in the house. I think that means that I am clever. Coco wasn’t clever: she was naughty. She went and stood in the rain and stared at mammy until mammy came out to get her. She wanted to be carried and she didn’t even want to go toilet.

I learned a new word today. It is a treat called carrot that people can eat. Mammy was making a stew and she was cutting things up and putting them in a pan. She gave Amber and Coco something to eat so I had to see what it was. It was carrot. It tasted like lovely but it wasn’t like the normal treats. It was cold in my mouth. I wanted another one…and then another one. Mammy said I was being greedy, so I didn’t get any more but the things mammy put in the pan made the kitchen smell nice. I kept kicking the door to be in the kitchen but I got wrong for that. We did good resting until daddy came home (that’s the photo of us) and then we greeded stew. Can you see mammy’s doggy toy that looks like Amber? It always sleeps on our sofa.