We did good relaxing today and none of us got up until it was nearly the afternoon. Daddy was watching his football and mammy was on her computer. She took a photo of me because she said I looked sweet. I was doing chillin’! She told me I had to be more careful because I nearly made mammy’s computer tray go in to my eye. It went in to my mouth but I was too sleepy to move, so I just left it there. There’s a photo of that as well.

Mammy was tired out after being at the Team Valley yesterday, so she wasn’t playing games with us. It was Cokey’s turn to look after her and she was keeping her very warm and snuggly. Have a look at her photo. Daddy says she is a big softy teddy bear! I was lying with Amber and daddy went down to collect our Sunday dinner from mammy Yvonne’s house. It wasn’t really our dinner, but we tried to make it ours by getting our noses close to the plates. We got wrong for doing that but we still got a little bit of meat, so we couldn’t have been that naughty. Amber was happy because daddy had a bath in the night, when the clock said 19:00 so she went to lie beside him. I lied on mammy and did more sleeping. I like Sundays.