We let our mammy and daddy have a lie in this morning, but only after daddy had taken us out for an early wee-wee and gave us a treat. That is because today is Saturday. Daddy had to go in the bath, even though he didn’t want to, because Amber said he had to. It just had to be a quicklies bath because mammy Yvonne was taking mammy and daddy to something called a sale. I don’t know why they were hurrying because mammy Yvonne said the Next sale, not the now sale.

We had to go to our grandparents’  house before it was 10 o’clock. That is very, very early for mammy, so even though we were hurrying, we had to go slow. On the way to their house, we saw Candy the doggy. She is lovely and you can’t walk past without giving her a love – she was standing at the gate, waiting for a cuddle. Coco went to sniff her face and mammy rubbed her ear. Mammy was just going to go and Candy gave her please-paw. Mammy said, “Oh, you know I can’t resist a please-paw!” and gave her more rubs. We all love Candy!

We stayed with daddy Chris but uncle Dan looked after us for a little while, when daddy Chris went to do his lotteries. Then, after dinner, daddy came to get us. Mammy didn’t come because the Team Valley place had worn her out. When we went home, Candy was there again, watching for us. When we got in the house, there was lots of bags for us to sniff and I chewed a box that had a light in it. There were treats from Mark and Spencer as well. For the rest of the night, I was daddy’s girl and we cuddled like him and Coco do to watch the telly. That is today’s photos. Mammy says that daddy has a funny face on them.