Mammy was feeling a bit better today. I think that was because she drank a bit of magic coffee and had some of that medicine that makes her face go all twisty and makes her say, “Urgh!”

Mammy stayed in her pyjamas today and she had her dressing gown on that feels lovely if you rub your face on it. I was trying to go to sleep under it and mammy was keep wrapping it round herself. That is a bit shell-fish. When it was dinner time, mammy said, “Right, you need to go out for business and then straight in. It’s raining,I’m tired and I have my PJs on.” It was raining and mammy was tired, but the neighbour that Coco barks at went in to his garden and Coco was barking at him. She looked to see if mammy was coming (she wasn’t) so she went, “Oooo-woooo-woooo!” I have to go out if Cokey does that so I can see what is there for us to shout at. I was trying to copy Coco and mammy wasn’t happy at all. She had to go in the garden in the rain, in her slippers and pyjamas. Amber was standing in the door bit, watching what was happening, but she didn’t come out because she is either good or hates the rain. Mammy made us all come in and we didn’t even get a treat for being good! Mammy is a grumpy head when she is tired.

Mammy didn’t want to eat anything still but she said she would ring the Chinese food people for daddy and try and eat a little bit of something called a tonne. She didn’t just have one tonne, though, I think she had three. Daddy had twelve-ty. We had a little try and I love tonnes. Today’s photo is of why mammy couldn’t lie in bed this morning: we were looking at her and at the door so knew we wanted up.