Today, when I went out for my wee-wees, the wind tried to make me go somewhere I didn’t want to be. It was making a big noise and it was cold. I don’t think I like the wind very much. It was making my garden chair do swinging when nobody was sitting on it and I don’t understand how that happens.

Mammy Yvonne came today because she was bringing something for mammy, but I can’t remember what (except that it wasn’t Polos). Coco was being very naughty because she was climbing around mammy Yvonne’s neck and she wouldn’t get down. Mammy told her off and mammy Yvonne did but Coco wasn’t hearing them. Coco is a funny. I was trying to climb up for a cuddle because I didn’t want Coco getting all the loves. Amber was a good girl…or she might have been in the huff because there was no sweeties for her. I think she probably would have climbed up if there had been Polos.

Mammy took some photos of me today. She said I was looking beautiful, all stretched out on the rug. Usually, I run away when mammy tries to take my photo but I was good today: I like people saying I’m beautiful! She said I was like a doggy model.Then, someone (I don’t know who) did a bad thing to Amber’s phoney. There is a photo of that to see but it isn’t very good because mammy was laughing when she took it. Amber wasn’t pleased and she was just sitting, looking at it and waiting for someone to get it. Coco was going to get it, but daddy didn’t want her throwing a wet phoney around the place so he got it instead. I think that mammy did it because she was laughing. She says that’s Cokey’s shadow you can see. I have no idea what that means.