We were all sad today because daddy’s holidays had finished and he had to go back to work again. Coco was the saddest of everybody because she had forgotten to remember that he has to go to work to get money for our treats. She was pressing herself right up against the door and sometimes she was licking it. She has a thing called separation anxiety – I think that means she does crying when people leave her. Coco was in a people magazine once about it and if mammy can find it, I will ask her to show you. Coco isn’t by herself anyway because we are with her. Coco is teaching me separation anxiety, and mammy says she should be teaching me good things. Here is a photo of how much Cokey loves daddy – they watch the telly together. The other photo is of me lying with daddy but I was trying to doing sleeping and I wasn’t watching the telly.

When daddy came in, we were very, very happy to see him. As soon as Coco heard the noise at the door, she was doing spinning around and around and making barks. She jumped on the little sofa and waited for daddy to give her a big cuddle and let him tell her about our day. I was watching and waiting for my turns and I gave him big face licks, so he knows I missed him. Mammy mustn’t have missed him because she didn’t lick his face, but she did give him a cuddle…until I put my face in between them! Daddy said I was jelly-ass.