We stayed in bed quite late today (but Amber did want a wee-wee at a time that daddy called silly o’clock) because we went to bed when it was today and not yesterday. That is confusing for doggies because we usually go to bed when I go and stand at the bottom of the stairs or mammy wants to watch The Mentalist. Mammy was making noises like ‘oo-ooh’ and ‘oo-ow’ when she was moving because she said she was stiff. I don’t know what that means, but I liked the noises. I thought we wouldn’t be going out because we don’t when mammy is tired but she said she needed some fresh air away from the smelly paint.

On Sundays, mammy Yvonne makes dinner. I think she makes dinner for everybody Рshe gives some to mammy and daddy, she gives some to their grandparents, she gives some to auntie Lyndsey and uncle Dan and I think mammy Yvonne and daddy Chris have some as well. When we go to their house, we sit right in front of mammy to see if she will give us her meat. She usually gives us a bit and then we go and sit in front of mammy Yvonne and greed some of her dinner. I like Sundays.

On our way home, we saw Sooty (the doggy that looks a bit like my Cokey) and mammy and daddy were talking to Sooty’s mammy. I don’t know what her name is but her daddy is called Gordon, like my daddy is called Gordon. Coco and Sooty were being friends today and usually Sooty is a bit frightened of Coco because she doesn’t like doggies smelling her face. Coco always smells faces on doggies and eyes on people. She is funny. Sooty tried to walk home to our house and that was funny as well. Daddy took some photos so you could see. She was standing between mammy’s legs, pretending she was Coco, on one of the photos. In the other photo, me and Cokey told Sooty to come home with us – that is her mammy’s legs in the picture.