Today, mammy and daddy said that we were going to stay with our grandparents because they were going out and that we had to go early so that they could do painting. I think that they painted before and painting is smelly and makes mammy or daddy say, “No! Get away from that!” a lot. I know that it makes mammy be tired and her shynesses be sore, so I don’t understand why they are doing it. People mammies and daddies are silly, sometimes. Today’s photo is of how I looked when mammy said about painting.

We were very, very excited to see mammy Yvonne and daddy Chris because we haven’t seen them for about twelve-ty days. They were on their holidays, remember. Daddy took us all down – mammy had to do resting for going out.  Do you know what the bestest thing is (apart from cuddles) when people have been on their holidays? It is that you get presents that are treats. We got a big jazzie each which is doggy chocolate that has little balls on it, but not balls you chase; ones that you can eat! Really! I’m not trickstering you, I promise.

We had our dinner and then waited for mammy or daddy to come for us but they didn’t. We got some loves off auntie Lyndsey and uncle Dan and waited for mammy or daddy to come, but they didn’t. Then, the sky was dark so that meaned that it was night-time and they still didn’t come. They hardly ever be out when it’s dark but mammy Yvonne had got them tickets to see a show. Shows are only on when it’s dark, I think. Then, there was a door sound and they had come for us. We didn’t know who to jump on first! When we got home, the porch smelled horrible – I think that it was paint. I hope that the smell has gone tomorrow because I don’t love paint.