Today when we went downstairs, the house was smelling like lovely. It smelled like meat. I was keep wanting to go in the kitchen so that I could eat the smell, and daddy was keep telling me to go out again. I was very excited because I thought that the meat smell was for us, but it wasn’t: auntie Lyndsey and uncle Dan were coming for a Chinese meal in the afternoon. Usually, that just means that daddy rings a man and the man comes to our house and brings a big bag that smells like food, but today, it came from things that were in our kitchen that had to get cooked. I’m not sure that’s allowed, but I like it.

Lots of things were happening. Mammy was cleaning in the bathroom and daddy was cleaning in the house. Dyson was helping him. I forgot to show the moving picture of me saving mammy, Coco and Amber from Dyson when daddy had him by the tail. If you want to see, it’s here:

Then, just before it was our dinner time, auntie Lyndsey and uncle Dan came. They had brought photos of something called a zoo to show us. Some animals live in a zoo but I don’t know which ones because I’ve never seen one. I know what a farm is because there is one in my place where we live. Then, everybody eated ALL of the food. We didn’t get any because Chinese food isn’t for doggies. All we got was to smell the smell and that wasn’t fair. I know that meat is for doggies, so they were trickstering us when they said it wasn’t.

After they went home, we all did resting because making people food is very tiring. Mammy wasn’t happy that she did bathroom cleaning and nobody went to the bathroom – I went in there so that she was happy. Sweeties make mammy happy and auntie Lyndsey gave her a box with sweeties in it. They were called Lindor. Amber loves mammy to have them because Amber likes to look after the wrappers, like she does with Tony – here is a photo for you to see! Today’s photos of me are when I was trying to get tummy rubs off people. I love tummy rubs. Look at my sticky out ear. When daddy was little, he had a doggy that had one sticky-up ear and one hangy-down one. The doggy was called Lady, like I am Ivy, and it was an Alsation cross with a Labrador. I don’t know why it was cross but daddy loved it. I will ask him to find a photo some time.