Six o’clock again! Daddy doesn’t like that at all and him and mammy are having extra lots of magic coffee because they are tired. Mammy was a bit of a grumpy today because she had sore muscles from yesterday so she was doing some resting. Then, a surprise thing came in the post. It was a new toy for me and it was called wool!

Mammy took my toy and put it on her knee and she had some sticks as well. I think it was a game because the sticks were moving and you had to try and grab them in your mouth. If you did, mammy had to say, “Ivy, stop that – you’ll hurt yourself. Good thing they’re blunt!” I don’t know what blunt means, but mammy gets annoyed at you if you get hold of one of the sticks. She is scared for us being hurty. Daddy took my photo. Then, the wool goes on the floor and you can chase it until mammy sees you and tells you to stop. I did stop, but I think Amber or Coco sneaked the wool in to my mouth so that I got in to trouble and they didn’t. Daddy took my photo again, but it wasn’t my fault that the wool was in my mouth. The wool is very naughty, but I love it. Aren’t my eyes funny in the photo – I maked them do that!

Auntie Lyndsey and uncle Dan are coming tomorrow for to have some dinner. I hope they don’t want my food because that is mine. Mammy says I have to learn to share, but I already know how: I share with everyone else and then I have my things as well.