Today, we were up early (6 o’clock wake ups again) and even mammy got out of bed. Today, daddy said they were ‘doing the bathroom’. I’m not sure what that means, but they’ve been saying it for a very long time and nothing ever happens. Daddy got a big thing like a table out and made some thick water in a big bowl. Mammy drank a lot of magic coffee and got some paper, like a big toilet roll, out of the bedroom that we don’t go in. We got bored of being upstairs, so we went downstairs to do some sleeps. Daddy thought we might be up to something, so he came to check on us and took some photos. There is one of Amber in her bed and one of Coco, sleeping with her head on the sofa. In today’s photo of me, daddy says it looks like my feets are pointing the wrong way – daddy is a silly.

After Coco had done some sleeps, she told me that we should see what was happening upstairs. We did something called creeping. Cokey was just going to taste the lumpy water in the bowl and mammy did a big screamy, “No!” We all got a fright and daddy put us in our bedroom so we wouldn’t get in trouble. While they were in the bathroom, Coco kicked the door open and tried to get the lumpy water again. Her tongue was nearly on it and mammy said, “I’m watching you, you know!” Coco didn’t know and she jumped when mammy was speaking. I knew mammy was watching and I didn’t tell Coco because it was funny.

I learned a new thing today: ‘doing the bathroom’ means that mammy gets tired, mammy gets the giggles, daddy gets the giggles, daddy makes a lot of coffee and does lots of wiping stuff with cloths, and then they stand in the bathroom, looking at it and smiling. It means that the bathroom smells funny as well (not in a daddy-smell way, but a strange smell funny). It makes mammy be happy and want to have a bath!