I liked today because it started with mammy and daddy having breakfast in bed. They had bean bread. It is really toast, so I don’t know why they call it bread, but mammy has the sausies out of the beans and daddy has the beans. They do sharesies. We only greed off mammy because daddy never saves us any of his breakfast – mammy gives us a bit of sausage and we love that. Today’s photos are of me and Coco pretending that we don’t want any of mammy’s food and then the next photo is of me, doing my bestest greeding face. Mammy says she can’t resist me. I’m not sure what resist means, but I think it something to do with me getting her food.

Mammy wasn’t feeling good still, so instead of making dinner, daddy rang a good phone number and said names of food to the person. Later on, when it was dinner time, a person brought some meat to our door. It was a Sunday dinner! It smelled like lovely but mammy only had a little bit of food so she couldn’t give us any. Daddy ate all of his dinner, so he couldn’t give us any. I think that he was being a bit shell-fish.

Auntie Lyndsey rang up to say that she had gone on her holidays and was at a different place. She isn’t on the same holidays as mammy Yvonne and daddy Chris because she went in her car and not in the metal birdie thing. Mammy and daddy never go on holidays because they would miss us too much, I think.