Today is Saturday but because daddy has been on his holidays for a week, it doesn’t feel different to the other days this week. We still got up early and Amber tried to make daddy go and have a morning bath. She is a huffy Amber if people don’t do as she says, but not as huffy as Cokey. Last night, mammy and daddy went to bed early to watch their dvd called The Mentalist. Daddy was sitting up in bed, so Coco couldn’t lie where she wanted to go. Guess what she did! She ran in to all our beds and kicked the cushions out of them and moved them round the bedroom, instead of where they should be. Then, she lay by the door in a moody. Mammy and daddy couldn’t tell her off because they were laughing too much and Coco was just staring at them, because she doesn’t like people laughing at her.

Daddy was doing the garden grass for us today. Remember how I said we hate it when the grass is long? Well daddy made the grass be short in the back garden and in the front garden. I’m not sure what he did, because we aren’t allowed out when daddy is doing the grass, but it made a noise a bit like Dyson, so I’m not sure but I think Dyson might have eaten the grass. When daddy was busy, we lied on mammy’s knee because she didn’t feel too good. We all were in a big pile and we were cosy, so daddy took our photo when he came in. He brought us some grass in on his boots and then told us off when we tried to eat it! Mammy said thank you for doing the grass to daddy and we did by giving him a big cuddle.