Daddy says we are just not funny any more and that he would really, really like a lie in until half past seven. He says six is far too early. Mammy doesn’t say that – it’s too early for her to say anything at that time, because she needs her magic coffee first. Mammy is not good at mornings…or night times.

Mammy stayed in bed and daddy went downstairs to do some cleaning: we were supposed to stay upstairs with mammy out of the way. I didn’t want to be upstairs, so I went to get daddy but he had shut the stairs gate and I couldn’t get out. I was sitting there for ages before daddy noticed that I was there. He said I looked sad and took my photo for you to see. Then, Coco came and she was shaking the gate with her feets so daddy HAD to let us in to the sitting room. Coco is very clever and knows all the tricks so that we get what we want. Amber was happy to be lying upstairs with mammy until she remembered her treat ball and thought that we might get it – she ran fast as her leggies would go to get her ball and then she was guarding it.

Mammy says that mammy Yvonne and daddy Chris have gone on their holidays today on an aeroplane. An aeroplane is a big birdie that lets people sit in it and go to places in the air. Coco watches for them when we are in the garden and sometimes they make a big noise. I will miss my grandparents a big lot but they might bring me a present when they come home. I like presents – they taste nice!