Amber decided to have a lie in and a cuddle this morning, but after mammy mentioned her taking the biscuit yesterday, I decided I wanted to take the biscuit so I got everyone up at 6 o’clock. I didn’t get a biscuit, just my normal morning breakfast treat. When daddy got up to make magic coffee, I got back in my treat-spot and pretended I hadn’t had it, to trickster him, but he didn’t fall for it. Daddy say, “You’ve had, you cheeky monkey!”

Mammy Yvonne came to our house today with daddy Chris and they’d brought us a present: they brought us Sammy, the birdie that usually lives at their house. I was very happy to see daddy Chris and I jumped right on to his knee and lay on my back so that he could do tickling of my tummy. I didn’t even mind that he had no Polos for me. Coco climbed on mammy Yvonne’s shoulders and Amber was just looking to see if anyone had a sweetie for her. Mammy Yvonne and daddy Chris were doing holidays and Sammy isn’t allowed to look after himself because he is only a little budgie, so daddy is going to be his daddy for a week. Sammy is a very loud birdie and he makes noises that sound like the phone is ringing. It is funny because he tricksters everyone. Harry, our birdie, keeps looking at him, but I don’t think they talk to each other.

Coco was making daddy lift her up to see the birdies in their cages and I was shouting and trying to bite Cokey’s tail because I was jelly-ass. When I got my turn to look at the birdies, I didn’t even want to but I just didn’t want Coco getting picked up off daddy when I wasn’t. There is a photo of me watching daddy and Coco, and there is one of Sammy, because I didn’t know if you’d met him.