Amber is taking the biscuit (I don’t know which biscuit, but I didn’t get one and neither did Coco) but mammy says that she is because she got everyone up at 6 o’clock this morning. That must be a good thing if she got a biscuit, but neither mammy or daddy sounded pleased. I’m a bit confused but I would like a biscuit.

I learned a thing about mammy today. She takes medicines called tablets for her hayfever and she isn’t very good at it. It takes her a long time and she has them with her water in the bathroom. She has to concentrate hard and, if she looks down and sees me standing between her legs, it means that she laughs and can’t take her tablet properly. I was just checking what she was doing but I was very, very quiet when I sneakied in to the bathroom and she didn’t notice me. Bathrooms are funny things. We are allowed to lie on the floor if people are in the bath, but if they are in the bathroom and the door is closed, they don’t like it if you try to kick the door down to get in. Daddy made mammy be grumpy because there is a pointly thing that has words on it and he put it outside the toilet and she said he was cheeky – it was like a big doggy toy, but we weren’t allowed to eat it. Here is a photo, so you what I mean. I’m not sure why it made daddy laugh or why mammy was grumpy.

Today’s photo is of us doggies taking over the sofa. We were lying where mammy was sitting and then we wouldn’t let her sit down. Daddy took our photo for you to see.