Guess what time Amber woke everybody up today! When the clock said 6:47. Again! Daddy didn’t think that it was good but I think it was very clever. Daddy said that it was three times in a row. Mammy said Amber is a furry alarm clock but I looked on Amber and couldn’t see the time written anywhere. I think mammy is silly.

Today has been mainly playing. Mammy loves it when me and Cokey do playing together and she watches us. We do chasey really fast and jumping on the little sofa, but there’s a game we have that mammy doesn’t like. We didn’t give it a name, but mammy calls it quiet. We played a game of quiet today. Mammy said we were too quiet and came to find us, but we were hiding from her. Mammy saw that I couldn’t get under the sofa because daddy was a meanie and put pillows there, and she couldn’t see Cokey under the chair. She was saying our names and we were  trying not to laugh. Then, daddy found Coco – she was hiding beside mammy’s massage table and the chair. Guess where I was hiding! I was right in front of everybody, sitting on the stair and nobody saw me because I was quiet.

Today’s photo is of me hiding behind mammy’s computer. Mammy says my eyes look sneaky.