We were going to do good lies in, but Amber wanted out at when the clock said 6:47. Daddy said, “Amber, I’m on holiday,” but Amber didn’t care because she wanted a wee-wee, then her treat and then her treat ball. Mammy went back to sleep and I gave daddy some cuddles.

I was doing shouting at Coco this morning because she was lying on the rug and she wasn’t doing playing. I wanted to do playing. First I tried to pull her tail and she didn’t chase me and then I was putting my mouth beside her ear and nose. When that didn’t work, I shouted, “Cokey! Play!” Daddy said I was mouthy. I’m not sure what that means but I know what mouths are: they look after your tongue and let you eat food. Mammy said that we have to stop being noisy and then, for the rest of the day, when I was shouting at Coco or shouting in the garden, daddy said, “STOP!” in a big voice. I don’t like getting told off but I know that if I run up to daddy and lick him on the face, he will give me a big cuddle. Mammy says that I have him wrapped around my little paw. Mammy is a silly! How can a big daddy man go around a doggy’s paw?

Today’s photo is of me staring at mammy and not doing what I am told. She says I’m a cheeky mite.