Yay! Today it is daddy’s holidays and he doesn’t have to go to his work for two weeks. That is even more than one week. He said that he was looking forward to having lots of lies in but Amber mustn’t have heard him because she wanted to be out at when the clock said 6:00 and then she wanted her treat ball to play with. I didn’t want to get up early either and when mammy got her phone camera out, I was a grumpy and sticked my tongue out at her. I was all cosy and cuddled up in daddy’s arm and I didn’t want my photo taken. I will let you see it, though.

We went out today because mammy’s friend Sarah was going with mammy, daddy and mammy Yvonne to the Costco. I like it when they go to the Costco because when we get home from our grandparents’ house, there is always new things to smell on the sofa before they get put in the cupboards. Today, when we got home, mammy had some fishy treats for herself, but she let us have a try of some and they were so lovely that I had to roll on the floor after I had eaten some. I greeded for some more, but I wasn’t allowed in case I got a poorly tummy. I don’t think my tummy would have been poorly, but I think mammy just wanted all of the treats for herself!