Mammy was going to try and tidy the house so the place would be nice for daddy’s holidays, but she was too tired, so she was watching the telly instead. I am a bit excited that daddy is going to be on holiday because that means that we can sleep extra long in the morning (that’s Coco’s favourite thing) and we can jump on daddy and get cuddles in the day time. Isn’t that good?

Daddy is going to cut our grass when he is not at his work and that is good because it is nearly as high as my head is. We don’t like doing our business in the high grass and it makes our legs and tummies be all wet. I like standing on the garden stones because they feel nice on my feets and make a funny noise when you do walking on them.

When we went out for our last business in the night, before we went to beds, Coco was in the grass. Daddy made sure she was dry and then we went to bed so mammy and daddy could watch the telly. Mammy was giving Cokey tummy rubs because Cokey rolls on to her back to make people do them. Then, mammy did a big, squeaky sound and she was keep doing a squeaky sound. Daddy was looking at Coco and then he had to get something to clean mammy’s hand: Cokey had brought a baby slug home on her fur. Slugs are bad things for doggies and for mammies – they make mammies squeak very loud and wash their hands hard and they make doggies poorly. Coco is not allowed any more pets and the only ones we can have are Amber’s Tony and Harry the birdie.

Today’s photos are of me, showing you how Coco lies when she wants a tummy rub, and of Amber being grumpy because she thought we wanted her treat ball. Amber is a funny sometimes.