Thursdays aren’t shopping days now, because mammy doesn’t go out and a man brings food from the computer to our back door. Mammy Yvonne went to the shops because Thursdays are still proper in her house. She came to our door and she brought some bread and some cakes but she didn’t bring anything for doggies. We still gave her lots of cuddles and did some climbing on her but we were gentle in case she wasn’t all better from her poorlies.

Mammy took us in the garden after dinner and a BIG, BIG doggy that was the loudest doggy I have ever heared said, “WOOF!” I think the ground was shaky just a little bit. Coco wasn’t scared because she isn’t scared when she is in the garden and other doggies are outside the garden, so she said, “Woof,” but hers wasn’t as loud. Coco and the big doggy were shouting at each other and mammy had to say stop so Coco would shush. Guess what the big doggy is called. Amber! Like my Amber is called Amber. I hope that there isn’t a big doggy called Ivy. What if daddy brings that Amber in to our house instead of real Amber? I hope not. It lives in the next street.

Today, daddy took our photo because we were looking ‘full of mischief’ on the stairs. We were trying to trickster him in to giving us an extra treat. It didn’t work.