Today, I have been very busy. Today, I have been housewifing. That means that I have been doing everything in the whole house that needed to be done, except the computer things that mammy does and the going to work that daddy does. Mammy was tired so I was helping good.

First, I was cleaning the bathroom by trying to get the empty toilet roll tubey and eat it. Amber got it and she said, “Mmmroof,” at me because it was in her mouth. “Mmmroof,” means “Don’t you dare, Ivy,” – sometimes I do dare because it is funny. Then, I was doing the carpet by licking the floor beside our food bowl. Lastest (before dinner), I was doing cleaning by checking Amber and Cokey had clean bums. They did. Then it was dinner time, so I helped with that by barking to tell mammy that she was doing it too slow.

After dinner, I helped mammy do the washing by licking a bit of dinner she slopped on her jeans. It was tomato sauce and it was funny on my tongue. I brought her a peg so that she could hang them up to dry but all she did was take my peg away. She didn’t even say thank you for the things I’d done, so I did sleeping. She did take a photo of my peg to show you, in case you thought I was trickstering you about my housewifing. I love pegs.