Today I was all confused because mammy Yvonne said it was a bank holiday, but I thought she meant a proper holiday. Proper holidays mean that daddy doesn’t have to go to his work, but on the bank’s holidays, he does. He had a little lie in because the man was getting him in a car. Mammy was doing lying around today, but she does that a lot. This morning, I was copying her and I was doing chillin’ (that’s what mammy said) on the sofa – there is a photo for you to see.

I rested so hard that it was quickly time for daddy to come home. The man that brought him must have had a magic car that went even faster than buses do, because he was home earlier than we thought. That made Coco very, very happy because she misses daddy a lot after it’s been the weekend. She jumps on the arm of the sofa beside the door and tries to get him to cuddle her first, but he only gets her first if she’s going to jump on mammy’s head. Amber is first because she is the oldest, then Cokey, then me. Harry the budgie doesn’t get a cuddle but she jumps to the edge of the cage to see if daddy’s brought her any millet. We are going out tomorrow and I am very excited.