Today was supposed to be sleepy Sunday but it was meanie mammy Sunday instead. When we were trying to do sleeps, she got me and Coco with the pointy brush and she was trying to get the tatties out of our ears. Coco gave her the bestest muddly-cuddle to see if she would stop but she wouldn’t, so Coco ran off and lay under the chair. Daddy grabbed me when I tried to run, and mammy said she was being gentle, but I don’t like the noise of the brush. Mammy said she was only doing it because she loves me and doesn’t want me getting my feets stuck when I scratch my earsies – I love mammy but I don’t brush her hair tatties. I was being a squirmy worm, so she couldn’t keep hold of me and had to stop. Daddy says my ears look sticky outy but I don’t care.

At dinner time, mammy had some gammon saved for us because I think she needed to be sorry about the pointy brush. We all waited for our turn to get our bit, except Cokey – she jumped up and tried to pinch food from mammy’s plate. It was funny, though, because she got cabbage instead of gammon and mammy said, “It serves you right for being greedy.” Then, mammy had a brilliant thing called a 99. I think they should make one for doggies called a twelve-ty. It smelled like different lovely and I was keep looking at it and smelling it. I was trying to jump up and mammy was saying, “Ooh, me Flake,”  and putting it high up so I couldn’t reach. There is a photo of me wanting it. I licked the outside bit, but that didn’t taste nice, then mammy peeled the skin off and ate it all and didn’t keep any for doggies. She said it was poison for doggies because it had people chocolate in it. My twelve-ty will have doggy chocolate in it and it won’t have a bit to peel. All doggies will want it.