It’s a Saturday, so daddy doesn’t have to go to his work today. I was wanting to go and see mammy Yvonne because she feeled a little bit better but mammy’s fairy godmother is going with her friend, so I can’t. You aren’t supposed to run and jump up on poorlies people, and I would have only done it gently, but the godmother lady might have brought her doggy to fight with Amber. I miss mammy Yvonne and daddy Chris very much because I don’t think I’ve seen them for twelve-ty days.

Daddy was giving me big loves because he knew I wanted some cuddles. If they are daddy-cuddles, they are duddles and if they are mammy cuddles, they are muddles.. Daddy let me sit with him when he was doing his computering and he let mammy take our photo. I was squished right beside him so he couldn’t move. There is a photo of me and daddy and one where I am all snuggled up to Coco’s bum. Mammy has sore muscles so I can’t jump on her or she says words that are sounds like, “OOOOO,” or “EEEEE”. I know it’s a bit naughty but sometimes I do a little bit of climbing on mammy just so she’ll do her funny noises.