Mammy wasn’t feeling very good again today, so we had to make our own games. Cokey made a game for us, but it was a naughty game that could only happen when mammy was upstairs in the bathroom.  Today’s photo is of me, seeing where mammy was when she was doing her face in the bathroom, and then I ran downstairs. We played our game and didn’t tell mammy about it, and we just pretended that we’d been good all of the time. We were all being sneakies, except Amber, because she really was being a good girl and lying on the sofa. Then, she remembered the treat ball and she was doing playing.

When daddy came home, we gave him cuddles and he asked Coco if she had been good. Usually, she talks to daddy in doggy-talk about her day, but when she’s been naughty, she won’t look at his face and she is all wriggly like a worm, so he knows. She went to lie under the table and daddy found our game! The game was that we had to get the crisp packet that smelled like lovely out of the bin and lick it, where nobody could see us. Daddy took it away and put it in the kitchen bin, so we’ll have to make a new game tomorrow. Daddy maked a chicken dinner for mammy to see if she would like to eat that – she did, but just a little bit, so we got some chicken. We did good greeding today.