I am not friends with my swingy chair in the garden any more because it made mammy angry, then sad, then tired and then broken. It was very windy when we went in the garden this morning and the swingy chair was trying to escape from us. That is very naughty. You aren’t to try and get out of the garden or mammy puts wood and pots in the way of your fence holes. The hat that is on the chair was letting it go up in the air and mammy was talking to it in the voice she uses when we are in trouble. I don’t think it talked back to her. She had to get a thing that daddy usually uses to fix things but it was hurting her hand.  That must be the only way to take the hat off. Mammy was worried that it would come off and hit us, so she shouted at me and Cokey to get in, but that only made us come to her more. Then, one side fell off and it was trying to blow away and mammy still had hold of it. People that live beside us were going past and not helping. That was not nice, was it? It took mammy a lot of minutes and made her be hurty. That is why I don’t like it any more. Today’s photo was of me, lying besde mammy, looking after her.

After that, mammy was lying on the sofa but the post man came so she had to get up. We were shouting, “Get the door! Get the door!” and the postman said, “I’m always happy when I have a parcel and I hear the dogs.” It was a big box. I tried to bite it but I wasn’t allowed because it was for daddy. We had to wait and wait until daddy came home to open the box. It was something called a costume for Hallowe’en. Do you remember last year, when daddy was pretending to be a scary monster and Coco was frightened like a scaredy-cat? Daddy says I can’t tell you what it is because he’s keeping it a secret until later. Secrets are when you get a treat and your sister-doggies don’t!