Ha, ha, ha – look at my photo. I was being a funny again today. I wouldn’t let mammy take my photo. I was waiting and waiting and then I ran away and she just had my bum on the photos. Then, she was trying to take Amber’s photo and I popped myself in, like yesterday. I was being cheeky, mammy said. I am a photo-hog, but I don’t know what that means.

Today was a quiet day. Mammy Yvonne was still poorlies, so we couldn’t go out to their house in case we jumped all over her. Mammy wasn’t feeling good with her shynesses either, so we were just doing a bit of resting. We only barked a teensy bit when mammy went to feed the red box. That was clever, wasn’t it?

Because it is a quiet day, mammy said that I can show you a photo that I don’t think I’ve showed you before. It is of the doggy mammy of Coco. Mammy thinks that her name was Betty, like my name is Ivy. I think she looks like my Cokey except for that Cokey has messy ears because she won’t let mammy brush them. I won’t either, because I don’t like the mean brushes. I like my ears tatty. This is the photo I have just been telling you about. My mammy is a doggy that  looks like this as well.