I don’t know why, but every Monday, Cokey forgets to remember that daddy has to go to work so that we have money for foods and treats. He had a lie in a little bit, because he wasn’t going out until the late bus, so maybe she was thinking it was another Sunday. When he went to work, she did a bit of crying and lay by the door. Mammy told her not to be a silly and to go back to bed. She didn’t, though.

Mammy was trying to trickster us today. She had to go to the red box again today – it is very hungry, I think, and eats a lot of letters. Mammy said that she couldn’t take us out because we’d be naughty, but she throwed some treats in the air and we had to hunt for them. We finded them so quickly that mammy didn’t even get the door open before we started barking. She said we were naughty monkeys. She was tired out when she got back from feeding the box because she had to hurry because we were noisy.

When daddy came home, him and mammy were watching their telly programme, where they shout things at the telly-man. It was all quiet and then mammy shouted,”Yay. Pointless!” and she was all pleased. Her and daddy punched each other in the hands. Mammy and daddy are big sillies! Today’s photo is of me stopping mammy from taking a photo of Amber. I was being jelly-ass but I wouldn’t let mammy take my photo when she tried to. It was funny.