Today is back to daddy watching his Mats of the Day on the telly when he is in bed. It is a programme that is all about people kicking a ball but wearing different clothes and it is always the same, but daddy likes it. Mammy doesn’t so she goes on her computer. Amber doesn’t like it either because it means daddy doesn’t do his morning bath that she likes. Today’s photo is of me and Cokey in our favourite lying-on-mammy spot on the bed. Mammy is a comfy doggy bed.

The sky wasn’t raining at dinner time, so daddy put the hat on my swingy chair in the garden and made the cushions go on it. Mammy and daddy were sitting on it because I let them and then I jumped on it all by myself. I was a clever girl! Mammy and daddy were eating their dinner outside – I didn’t know that was allowed – but then the people in a different garden were making big, scary noises and making horrible stuff come in our garden. Mammy said, “Mmm, dusty dinner, just what we wanted.” Then, it was raining so everyone had to go in the house and the swing chair had to have its coat on. It is a big coat. We couldn’t go to our grandparents’ house for dinner because mammy Yvonne is still poorlies. Her auntie Biotic is looking after her  – I heard mammy saying that on the phone.

Mammy has finished making her book be on the shops in the computer. I am not very happy because daddy said if she selled 5,000, she could get another puppy. I’m the puppy. I don’t want another puppy, I just want me to be the puppy. I think 5,000 is more than one but a little bit less than twelve-ty, so it’s a lot. Mammy said that when she first wanted to do stories, before she got her stupid M.E., she wanted to get enough money to buy Holly a field. If Holly is an angel doggy, why does she need a field? Mammy is a silly sometimes.