Mammy is very naughty and is very late with my stories because her shynesses are sore. This story is about Saturday but it is nearly a Saturday again! We did lies in with daddy because we love that and he did a bath for Amber because she likes to lie on the floor beside his bath. Then, she remembered the treat ball and she was giving please-paw to mammy so she would go and get it for her. Mammy didn’t. She said Amber would have to be patient. Amber isn’t that; she does hitting when she doesn’t get her own way. Hitting is a bit naughty, I think.

Mammy was making some special biscuits that made her be all remembery about her grandma. I never met mammy’s grandma but Amber did and she says she used to give Amber loves and say, “Hello, hinny,” to her and Holly (the angel doggy). I think I would’ve liked that. I liked the smell that the special biscuits made, so we had to do some greeding when mammy and daddy were eating them. They weren’t doggy biccies but they were biccies that doggies could have a little try of. They were good biccies. Mammy ate a lot of them.

In the afternoon, mammy was resting, because biscuits is hard, and daddy was watching the footballs on the telly. He was very shouty and it’s scary for me when I am getting cuddles and he shouts, “GET IN!!!” in a big voice. Then, I was just resting and he was saying it again. Daddy’s are silly because what is on the telly isn’t real, it’s pretendy. Today’s photo is of me getting a cuddle, lying on mammy. She says that I look like butter wouldn’t melt. I have no idea what that means.