We weren’t going out today because mammy Yvonne was still poorlies and the nurse (people-vet) gived her some tablets to make her better. Mammy said we needed some exercise so she got one of our old toys out and did magic on it. Now, when we play with it, treats come out of the sides sometimes. There were little bones and some of our dinner biscuits and once, I think there was a Polo. Amber doesn’t usually play with toys except for phoney and other phoney, but she pinched the ball off us and wouldn’t let us have it. She was hiding under the table and I was chasing her. I couldn’t get the ball until she’d tired herself out and fell asleeps on the rug!

We played for a lot of minutes with the ball until none more treats fell out. It was very good fun. When daddy came in, we were all tired out and lying down. Mammy said that I was very quiet, and when she looked somebody had pinched her hanky and tried to chew it up. I don’t know who it was, but mammy took a photo of it and something called a culprit – I don’t know that word but it might be another word for hanky.

I nearly forgot to tell you that Amber was brave! Mammy was letting Dyson eat the floor dirt and Amber stayed on the floor (she usually jumps on to the sofa) and she was setting Dyson off. Mammy said she was proud of Amber, but I think Amber thought that Dyson was going to pinch the treats ball! Here is a photo of Amber and the treats ball for you to see.