Today, daddy took Amber and Coco out very early. Mammy and daddy were going to go and see big Luke and get some food later and mammy was going to the shops with mammy Yvonne. We had a lie in and then mammy Yvonne rang because she was feeling poorlies and couldn’t go out. She said mammy could go but mammy didn’t want to leave my sisters with mammy Yvonne when she was poorlies. That meaned that just I was staying in with mammy for the whole day until daddy came in and I missed my sisters a very lot. Mammy said my face was pitiful and she took my photo.

I wasn’t even doing playing, I was so sad, and mammy let me have some Frazzles to cheer me up. It was a good surprise and they smelled like Frazzles. I loved them so much that I was putting my head in the bag and my tongue was licking the taste! Mammy was trying to take my photo but I was so excited that I was moving too fast. I think there is a photo for you to see but I’m not sure.

After dinner, we were lying down on the sofa, doing cuddles and sleeping but then mammy was watching something called Top Gear on the telly. I was watching it as well because I thought I could hear doggies going, “Grrrr, grrrr,” but when I was looking, there was just cars and not doggies. I think the doggies might have been in the cars, mightn’t they?

When daddy came home, I was so happy to smell and see my sisters. Daddy said Amber was sad and looking in the grass after she’d done her business and he didn’t know why. When he looked at her, he saw that she didn’t have Tony any more and she was very upset. Daddy helped her look in the long grass and then they found him! Amber was so happy, she grabbed him straight away. Daddy was very clever to make Amber not be sad any more. She loves Tony very much – nearly as much as I love Frazzles!