Ivy, Coco and the Llama box

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Today was very exciting. Mammy was waiting for a parcel to come so she had to get out of bed and put clothes on when daddy went to work. Mammy doesn’t like to be out of bed when it’s early because she is tired and her face is grumpy. When the clock said 9:00, a man came to our door with a big box. I knew that it was for us, because everything that comes in a big box is for us and sometimes it is in a bag or an envelope. Me and Coco tried to open the box to save mammy from doing it – Amber just smelled it to see what it was and the went to lie down again. I was opening the corner with my teeth until mammy told me not to. She did it but she is very slow. When she opened it, guess what was in it! There was Llama biscuits! Lots of them. Mammy won a prize and that was them. I think she meant she won a ‘surprise’ but she says words wrong sometimes. We were looking hard at mammy to see if she would give us them. I did and Coco did. All mammy did was take our photo to show you and then she put the box in the kitchen. That was mean, I think.

Then, another person came! It was the Tesco man and he had brought lots of things that smelled like lovely. We were barking at the kitchen door, shouting, ‘ Tesco man! Hello!’ but mammy wouldn’t let us meet him. She said we were noisy or she might have said nosy because I couldn’t hear for all the barking. When daddy came home, we showed him the Llama biscuits and he was pleased, but he didn’t give us any. The Tesco man had brought some Actimels and we love them. Mammy and daddy say, “Ooh, da-none!” in a funny voice and we know that we can play with the bottles. Daddy took mine away because I was eating it. I found something else to eat instead. Mammy said, ‘Where’s Ivy? She’s a bit quiet,” and then she saw me, even though I did hiding. Mammy said, ‘What’s she got,’ and then, in a squeaky voice, she said, ‘She’s eating my lip pencil!’ Daddy took that off me as well. I don’t know what a lip pencil is, but it’s good to bite.


Ivy’s squeaky game

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I think mammy might have got too excited when she was out yesterday – she was very sleepy today. When she is very sleepy, she loves it when we are sleeping as well and being good. Amber was happy doing that today, but me and Coco didn’t want to: we wanted to play. Mammy said I looked full of mischief and she took my photo. Then, she made a game for us. Coco brought the squeaky toy that mammy keeps calling Space Hopper (I don’t know what that means but it sounds like a silly name for a toy – I call it Squeaky) and mammy throwed it and tried to make it go in Amber’s food bowl. When it did (but just one time), mammy shouted, “Yay!” and me and Cokey fighted over who got it. If Coco go it, she took it straight to mammy and she tried to throw it again. If I got it, it was mine and nobody else could have it. I liked when mammy was saying, “Awwwwww!” when it didn’t go in the bowl. I think it is my new favouritest game of today.

I have a funny photo to show you of bedtime. It is of Amber when she isn’t allowed to take the treat ball to bed – she’s doing tongue sticking-out. She pulls that face and it makes mammy and daddy laugh, but she doesn’t like it if you laugh at her. It maked daddy feel bad so he had to get out of bed and give her a cuddle and say she could have the treat ball in the morning. I love funny Amber.

Ivy’s Candy kisses

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Today was a going-out day and I knew because daddy took Amber and Coco down to my grandparents’  house. I stayed in bed with mammy but I knew she was going to get up and put shoes on. Shoes mean out. Before mammy went out, she was looking on her computer and she was being hungry. I told her to go to the kitchen and she did. She got a thing that has some crippies and a place where cheese goes. I was excited to see it and I was doing spinning in lots of circles because I like the cheese bit very much. When mammy has done dipping with her crippies, I can lick the cheese out of the cheese bit. It is a secret, though, and you have to promise you won’t tell Amber and Coco.

Mammy and mammy Yvonne were at the shops so we stayed with daddy Chris. When they got back, daddy Chris told mammy that I’d been naughty and it was just because I went out for a diddle (that means wee-wee when daddy Chris says it) and I didn’t want to come in. He said, “Ivy was just staring at me when I told her to come in. I had to go out and get her in the end!” Mammy said I was a naughty monkey. Mammy waited for daddy to come so we could all walk home together. On the way, Candy shouted, “Hiya! I need some loves!” so mammy and daddy went to stroke her nose. Mammy calls her sweetheart, even though she is really called Candy, like I am called Ivy. I was very, very happy to see her and I gave her a big kiss on her nosey. Daddy took our photo and mammy said, “Aw, sweet!” Today has been fun.

Ivy mends backs

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Today is a time called October and it is when everybody has their birthday: daddy, daddy Chris, daddy’s daddy and mammy. I think that might mean that we get a treat of steak every time, but I’m not sure because I was only teeny when it was October the last time. I know that it’s when daddy dresses up like a scary monster and frightens Coco.

This morning, mammy had a sore back and she couldn’t sit properly beside us and we weren’t supposed to climb on her when she was lying on the sofa. She was still not comfy, so she was lying on the floor. I was copying her first and then me and Cokey went to lie with mammy on the rug. She said that we were very sweet but we got bored of that and decided playing with us would make mammy feel much happier. We played chasey around her and then we were getting our feets tangled in her hair. Then, we were taking turns to run up to mammy and lick her face. We must have made her feel very good because she stopped lying on the floor after that and said, “I REALLY need a good chair to sit in.”

After that, we all cuddled on the sofa and didn’t want to do playing any more. Mammy said, “Typical!” Today’s photo is of me copying mammy, doing lying down, and the toy was pretending to be me!

Ivy: Greeding Day

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Today is greeding day in this house, but mammy and daddy call it Sunday. Sunday is the day when people make the house smell like meat and doggies want to eat it. I love Sundays!

Mammy was resting because she maked herself tired yesterday. Her, daddy and mammy Yvonne had gone to the shops when we were at the groomer’s shop. I didn’t know that they would have gone and done something else – I thought they had waited for us outside the door of the Paws ‘n’ Play.

Daddy went to get foods from our grandparents’ house for him and mammy to eat. We waited for him at the door but he trickstered us and came in the back door. We got a big surprise when the kitchen door opened and daddy was there! He said, “Are you ready for dinner now?” and we barked yes at the same time that mammy said yes. Silly mammy must have thought daddy was talking to her. When she got her food, we sat beside her and we were good. Then, our bums dragged us a little bit closer to mammy’s tray. My chin made me put it on her tray and I got told off. While mammy was telling me off, Cokey tried to get mammy’s food; she got told off as well. Amber was pretending to be good so she got a bit of meat but she was too slow and I got it instead. I got very wrong for that and I was sorry…until Coco got her bit of meat and I wanted that as well. Mammy said I am a greedy sausage.  I love sausages.

The baddest bit about Sundays are when daddy feeds us late. He doesn’t know time like mammy does and we have to keep telling him we want fed. That is today’s photo: mammy said I was doing hinting.

Ivy got groomered

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Everybody was getting out of bed early today – even mammy. We were a bit confused. Mammy was trying to get some tats out of Coco’s ears and it was making mammy and Coco grumpy. I was laughing until mammy came near me with the mean brush. My ears were grumpy as well. Daddy said that we were going to the groomers to get pampered. I thought that mammy told the Mel lady we couldn’t come because of mammy Yvonne’s broken car, but the car got mended and Mel said we could still come and see her. We love Mel and the people in her groomers.

We all had to get in the car before it was dinnertime and I was worried that nobody had our dinner with them. We cried all the way to the Paws ‘n’ Play in the car. Mammy said, “For goodness’ sake, shush!” but we didn’t shush. I like the car but I felt left out because Amber and Coco were doing crying so I had to join in. Daddy and mammy took us in to see Mel and we were doing a bit of crying, but then we stopped straight away when they had gone. When you get groomered, you get washed (I was glad mammy washed the poopy off my head yesterday or I would have felt like a silly) and you get brushed (but it isn’t a mean brush) and you get dried.

There was some doggies that that were called puddles and they had big curly hair (like mammy’s but tidy) and they loved my Amber. I like seeing other doggy friends at the groomer but the bestest bit is when mammy and daddy come for us. I was so excited I nearly forgot I was hungry for my dinner. I even got something called perfume on me and mammy said I smelled like auntie Lyndsey! It is very tiring being pampered so, after our dinner and showing everyone how pretty we were, we did lots of sleeping. Today’s photo is of me and Cokey, cuddling up.

Ivy poops…oops!

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Today was brilliant in the morning: daddy brought the Hovis crackers up to the bed for mammy, so she could eat them before she got up. We were so excited when we saw them, that we were doing spinning and spinning and spinning. Mammy said we would make ourselves fizzy if we didn’t stop – I think Coco went round twelve-ty times. We were jumping up on to the bed and mammy said, “For goodness’ sake, let me get one out of the packet!” A packet is a house that crackers and crisps live in. She let us have the first cracker and, by the time she had got hers out, we had already finished eating ours and we could greed again!

Mammy was feeling much better today, so we could be silly again. I was so silly that I did something strange: I pooped on my head! Mammy said, “Urgh, Ivy! What have you done? How have you managed to do THAT?!” That was a lot of questions for a little doggy. She grabbed me and was holding me out, and she wouldn’t let me give her kisses, like usual. Then, she put me in the bath. I didn’t want to be in the bath but mammy was pushing me back in and then making water go on me and some doggy shampoo. I wasn’t happy so when I got out, I did big shakes to get the water off me before mammy got the towel. That was funny and mammy said, “I-veeeeee!” Then, she wrapped me in the big towel and cuddled me warm again and that was nice. She took my photo to show you, even though I didn’t want her to.

Every time mammy told someone I pooped on my head, they say, “How?” I don’t know but it might mean I’m clever…

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